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Saturday December 15th 2012    Tim Candler

    The Dialectic of Me, should I guess be counterpoised with an idea of what Walking Stewart would call "Moral Motion."  Moral, of course, is a word that would not exist if everyone was me.  And it's this area, - the area of others - that I'd suggest Heidegger wrote so much about, and rather endlessly, in his "Time and Being."   The "Me" as guided by outside of me, or censured by others. A school prefect in my world, and a head master.  Which could be a person or "nature."  And it's how and why we all get along, that so preoccupies people.

     Fortunately, it hit me at work today.  And oddly I was applying opaque wrapping to remarkably large and very life-like silicone penises.  My grasp of "being," I decided, is primarily a naive concept, by which I mean "simple."   And it's naive, because, I have done away with an idea of Good or Bad, both of which are precepts that arise within relationships between people.  Then I can think in terms of the massacre in Connecticut, as a failure of social relationships, rather than dismissing it as belonging to the existence of something called,  "Evil."

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