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Wednesday December 20th 2012    Tim Candler

    It's very possible that Kant's essay on The Metaphysics of  Morals, does not lend itself to a translation into Lines and Circles.  His categories of imperative, better left to thirty thousand words, none of which tell me what "civilization" or "happiness" is.  And it's possible that  language belongs to a different dimension to that in which geometry owns space.  But at the same time, it's always interesting to watch those who have a passion for guns, discussing guns with those of us simpletons who do not care so much for guns, or the noise they can make, and who prefer to put them into the category of "damage causing device," rather than pursue them as a "source of happiness."

     The correct name, and the correct pronunciation of each category and part of gun.  The "round," the "barrel," the "stock."  "A Bullet." So I guess it's a passage, a circumcision, that once endured becomes a source of pride, or a presumption, or a status, all of them ingredients in a glue called cohesion.  However, it does seem to me, the gun itself, the passage, the circumcision, is all of it buoyed around that one part of a gun called a striker, and without which a gun is no more than a collection of decorative parts.  Which suggests to me at least that it's the act of firing a gun that can become a part of a person.  A shovel for an ice cream moment. 

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