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Friday December 21st 2012    Tim Candler

    I think one of the issues which needs always to be remembered, is the potential from confusion in a domicile that possesses more clocks than necessary.  In this modern age, most electrical devices appear not to be permitted to leave their place of origin without having some sort of time keeping equipment attached to them.  And it's these time pieces that either blink in a most infuriating manner, sulk during power outage, or shine bright with insistence when all around is pitch dark and resting.  Either way, in the early hours of this morning one of the Priests here where I live, chose to rouse the household on the basis of  what turned out to be an erroneous understanding of the truer time.   So there was a great deal of rushing around looking for layers of clothing, which a wiser man might have prepared on the day before, and this manic rushing around, was followed by a long, and I have to say rather peaceful wait.  Which gave everyone an hour or so to mentally prepare for straight line winds carrying sleet and snow.

       My own preoccupation while waiting for the big moment, was a series of images I had of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Kaaba in Mecca and Chaucer's Tales from bawdy pilgrims on their way to Canterbury.  The Wall and the Kaaba struck me as places where an ostentation can be seen displayed in all its many and often lip curling ways.  The rolling around, the rocking, the arm raising, which in my view, unless completely unallied to will, can only be for the benefit of others.  But in the travelling to these events, I'd like to hope Chaucer's Tales better reflect the mood of supplicants as they attempt to merge with whatever their belief and stranger hopes might be.  As well, in my mind  I saw the ash on foreheads, a something I have always found a trifle disconcerting, as I can't help but tell myself,  "I thought he or she was normal."   The hats and bonnets towing children that can sometimes be seen wandering the aisles of the Grocery Store, fill me with a genuine angst from the question "why?"  Wedding Rings.  It's a long list, and when an Arctic gale outside howls through the electric line, a person has to ask if the Mayan Priests had a predisposition toward the Southern Hemisphere when they chose to end their Long Calendar on this particular day of 2012 at a little after six in the morning.

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