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Saturday December 22nd 2012    Tim Candler

    End of the World predictions are wonderfully regular.  And I guess it's possible to predict End of the World predictions with greater accuracy than the End of the World itself.  When that does actually happen, it will of course refer to the end of our own species, because our own species has this fond inclination to believe that without us there will be nothing. A symptom of youth, or youngness, or a jejune, perhaps.

     Nor am I remotely interested or impressed by the coteries who draw some kind of comfort from a concept of consciousness that mistakes consciousness for politics. Puts it as a universal that has an idea of properness. The Great One Out There is not waiting for us to behave ourselves.  So hanging around Stonehenge, makes no sense whatsoever, the Druids knew less than we do.  Potato Rocks and Nuts from the Shag Bark Hickory, however, do make a great deal of sense.

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