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Thursday December 27th 2012    Tim Candler

    Tangent is error, many will say.  It distracts flow, confuses narrative, causes a mind to yearn for a familiar pattern of idea.  And rightly "tangent" should be removed to the jailhouse of footnotes, where only the ardent might find them.   And yes I would be happy enough to find  a familiar pattern, stubbornly stick to it, describe a map of the world with special attention to the universality of symbols, or discipline. "Mile Stones," I guess they would be called.  While I think of them as "Sign Posts."  

     But then when I try to think of a "Mile Stone" I  hear some cloying voice, aged anywhere between four and seventy six say, "My First IPod," "My first Learjet,"  or "My First Heart Attack."   And this rings so loud in my ear, I see "Sign Posts" all of which point directly to what the Ancients might have conceptualized as Hades. Which I guess is why there is no product here. A circumstance described as  "an anathema" by the pure, and I hope as a  "glorious folly" by the freer willed.

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