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Friday December 28th 2012    Tim Candler

    A Western Mind is a description of a mind imbedded within Western Ideas.  A product of culture, or perhaps of cruel disciplining through Peer Review.  This is not to say that a Western Mind is somehow anatomically distinct from, let's call it an Eastern Mind, or a Southern Mind, or a mind that falls somewhere in the middle of any one of many points of the compass.  Or, as someone once put it, "An Individual is a million people divided by a million."   I would say also, that it's possible to think of a Medieval European Mind, a Stone Age Mind and on it would go into a Literary Mind, a Tasmanian Mind, a Fulfillment Center Mind, all the way back to an Individual's Mind, or what might be called,  "that part of mind which is the product of a particular one million divided by a million."

     If I call it a Western Mind, or a Stone Age Mind, or any one of many points on a compass Mind, I am more inclined to think of it as a set of Stone Pillars within a Cathedral around which the faithful gather, or at least persuade others to gather.  If I think of it in terms of, "a million divided by a million,"  I see less of a Cathedral and the confidence of solid Stone Pillars, and more of a "mingle," which I agree is a truly unpleasant word that has in it the suggestion of a high moisture content and stickiness between people that inevitably leads to insanity of behaviors, cocktails  and the end of the world as we know it.  But, because of these exasperating intersections within this rambling curve "mingle," of the two ways of conceptualizing whatever it is the Western Mind, or The Stone Age Mind, or any one of many points on a compass Mind represents, I have to say that "the product of a particular one million divided by a million," is a more accurate representation of how  minds are attached to adjectives. 

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