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Sunday December 2nd 2012    Tim Candler

    I know what happened to yesterday.  I was tired and exhausted from hours spent at the Fulfillment Center, or The Nightmare Before Christmas, as I am inclined to think of it.   I was going to talk about William Forster Lloyd.  A Victorian political economist, who looked at another phenomenon which is  "the more you try to squeeze out of something the less rewarding the effort, or expense, of the squeezing becomes,"  and William Forster Lloyd gave this phenomenon the very grand title of Diminishing Marginal Utility. 

    And I was going to talk to you about the English Wool Trade's political power, as it succeeded in the enclosure of common land, which led to a disgruntlement of landless English peasants which became Kett's Rebellion of 1549.  It was during the reign of Edward VI, who came to the thrown at the age of nine.  Then I was going to make some extraordinarily pompous remark which explains why the Green Party of the United Kingdom remembers both Kett's Rebellion and William Forster Lloyd.

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