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Monday December 31st 2012    Tim Candler

    Diagonals, or short cuts, are not necessarily the better way to get from one point on a circle to another, because each point on a circle is very much the same, unless like me you cleave to the up-hill and down-hill of circles. Or, if you are one of those whose major symbol through life is a circle that contains five diagonals, and you can call such a thing a star if you wish to.  The Pythagoreans called their pentagram "Health."  And even here, when you're going up hill and you reach the place called "steepest" you know that you are exactly half way to whatever the opposite of "steepest" might be.  It's a loop, a helter-skelter, a round and round with up and downs.  A diagonal, might not take a person from the one good point to the same good point, it can only take a person from one particular point to another particular point, and by so doing will exorcise the quality "good" or "health" from the circle altogether.   And this is why a person has to suspect that Time Travel is the ultimate in purposelessness, which means that when it is invented, it will probably be available from the Fulfillment Center at increasingly bargain rates, with the first "Time Travel free" if "You take three friends."

    Then when you introduce the concept of aging to circles, you can begin to sense "spiral." That funnel toward the end moment.  A moment which if we are human, and while we have seen it come to others, remains invisible to those of us who might not share the idea that the "end moment" is no more than a pinhole on the other side of which there is white light and floating around in new and wondrous circles.   It's this idea that becomes "migration of souls," and most likely it goes back in time to the very earliest days of the debate our species has had with the question "why?"   That first line in the dust that joined to make a loop.  It  was a 'holding of hands' against "why?"  A curve in the unknown of  "where does a straight line go," and a circle came as welcome relief to minds that pondered, because it gave them power through reason beyond muscle, or over what Walking John, at his most open-handed, would have called "Brutishness."   Always interesting that there have been, and still are in the world, people who will not eat meat because by doing so they risk eating a person who might once have been, and is currently residing in the shape of a Lamb, or Cow, or perhaps a Koala Bear.  Interesting too is the somewhat barbaric idea that only people have souls, and if that is the case what a nightmare those circles beyond the pinhole will be.   But, even more extraordinary, tomorrow is 2013, and I might still be here.

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