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Tuesday December 4th 2012    Tim Candler

    I can just picture God, up there a little disgruntled.  As an "I Am Existentialist" he'd inevitably have his doubts about the wisdom and effort of Creation. I can also picture him alarmed by an ever decreasing set of possibilities that arose from the existence of other "I am Existentialists," hobnobbing around with grandiose theories, mathematics and equally challenging  structures.  And in keeping with that weakness of character we "I Am Existentialists" are so prone to, God could not help but whisper "ark" into Noah's ear, which following some far fetched set of circumstances did prevent The Flood from succeeding.  And, I can understand completely God's second attempt to alleviate the problems of Creation by "confounding the language of all the earth."  And then, when a comfortably situated, well disciplined Ancient Egyptian of Hebrew origin, had the nerve to ask "What are you?" God must have paused for patience.    

     In God's same position, as an "I Am Existentialist," my own first response to such a question has always been one of an irritation that becomes political.   I usually  find myself leaning toward the answer, "I am self employed."  Which can be an error that can lead to follow up questions,  because bank robbers also fall into the category of "self employed."   Another answer to the question, "What are you?" that I have often been tempted by is, "I am recovering."  And then to the follow up questions, the suggestion can be made that a recovery from being born may indeed last a life time.  However, and in the end, the question "What are you," seeks to place another within a preconceived tapestry of things.  And so the answer to the question might just as easily be, "I'm in the sock drawer of doubt."  Or as God so beautifully put it, "I am that I am."  Anyway, today The Artist and I will celebrate Thanksgiving, and you can call it an act of civil disobedience if you wish to.

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