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Thursday December 6th 2012    Tim Candler

    I have to admit to a sense of alarm when all those years ago The Artist begun first to mention the word "tarpaulin" in conjunction with the word "frost."   The object, she explained, was to cover plants, and by so doing protect them through cold nights.   My own view had always been to try hard to see some hint of silver lining in the advance of winter and leave such interferences with the natural order of things to nut eating and other such socialistic frailty that inevitably results in  the eradication of liberty and an end to the world.  

     For me, one of those silver linings was the chance to grow pasty faced, muffin-topped and pudgy from the painlessness of dreaming of plants from the warmth and windless-ness of the indoors, without ever having to actually go near a garden except through the window of colorful catalogues until sometime in late March.  Which is why I would search for enlightenment in my own self interestedness, and come away with grand theories about such garden perennials as the Hoppy Bug finding refuge in tarpaulin and the importance of a terrible suffering from cold to the overall wellness and vitality of Vegetable Gardens. 

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