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Sunday December 9th 2012    Tim Candler

    Look whose turned up.  I'd prefer not to give thought to the idea that she might have been there all along, and  through some  flaw in my own sensory apparatus I'd become blind to her.  Certainly there is an element of disorder on my table, and there are a number of places where she might have been hiding, even though I did hunt for her.  Her sudden reappearance however, unless a Christmas miracle, has to it a suspiciousness.

     Always possible that whoever took her was stricken by guilt, while I was saintly and wonderfully calm at the work of fulfilling hopes and dreams of boys and girls, men and women, for this joyous season.  Sorry to say a great many of you are going to be receiving what I at least would consider "re-giftables" for Christmas.  And for those who might be concerned, The Great Black Wasp is still exactly where I last saw her.

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