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Monday February  13th 2012    Tim Candler

        Realizing possibilities is in my view one way of describing a moment of Zen.  More properly it is "realizing the possibility of realizing  possibilities," because in most of us "realizing the possibility" requires a connection to the material. Which doesn't mean to say that absent a material connection, Zen does not happen.  Rather it is to say that "realizing the possibility of realizing a possibility," and the moment of Zen, are both purely mental or "internal to being".

    But if that moment does include a connection to the material, it inevitably becomes more real. Which, in my view, is why for some traditions the moment of Zen is understood as an absence of distinction between the "thing that is me" and other things.  Of course here there is debate, and it's the sort of debate that results in flying words, insult, marching armies and other such realizations of possibility.

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