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Friday February  17th 2012    Tim Candler

        Always tempting to enter that area of thinking that ascribes character to the shape of a person's bottom, and I say this as one  rendered ashen by a  recent encounter with a bathroom mirror. Of course the buttock theory of personality certainly falls into that large category of pseudo-science and I am certain there are fat bottomed boys who are also perfectly nice. But in the political sphere, I believe bottoms are a fair enough expression of what a person is, rather than what he means to be.

      I would argue for example, that George Will has what I would call a weasel bottom when put beside for example Newt Gingrich's bottom.  Both of course would have been well powdered when young, and probably told how perfectly adorable they were. But it's too simplistic an understanding of the  buttock theory, to claim that shape of bottom dictates  political affiliation. Rather the bottom reflects a conglomerate of impression and is as good a way as any of choosing leaders. 

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