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Saturday February  18th 2012    Tim Candler

        This time last year it was dry enough to make those first exploratory moves.  We'd experienced a temperature of sixty nine, there was a suggestion of humidity, and soil was dry to the shovel.  The Robins were hopping in that way they do when they begin to separate from their winter flock.  The Spring Peepers were calling, and Sandhill Cranes were high in the sky, probably going North, or perhaps thinking about going North.

      Snowdrops,  are a difficult plant to judge, because once they have embarked upon adventure not even an overnight temperature in the low teens can dissuade them.  But I believe today  is Snowdrop Peak Bloom Day for two thousand and twelve, and I think it's really quite early.  As well there are other signs of Springtime,  but best to take none of them too seriously in February especially, otherwise it opens the gates to emotional disappointment and some very poor decisions. 

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