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Wednesday  February  22nd 2012    Tim Candler

        Even more interesting is the retreat from the word 'notion' in the small slither of public discourse I have ears on.  Less and less do I hear the phrase "This notion that..." as though use of the word 'notion' as prelude,  requires me to believe that I am in the presence of greater wisdom and seriousness than is imposed by, for example, the word 'idea'.  And here I have no issue with motive, I too am fond of a word that does away with me having to make sense, and which sometimes requires access to dictionaries, and which sometimes I know the meaning of, a meaning which often I forget soon after their appearance, because I am happy and pompous in the way that a Walrus might be.

      So it's always nice when the ether fills with yet another fashion in the arena of words.  And this one is especially wonderful because it offers perhaps weeks of tirade on the subject of 'word as bubonic plague.' But I can say that "Theology" is a 'school of opinion supported by  argument', and when at its best, it's a rational enquiry into those elements of belief  that are contained in what is rightly called "Faith."  And probably distracting to raise the issue of what "faith" might mean, when there is a perfectly honest possibility of "medieval period" soon becoming a synonym for "golden age."

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