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Thursday  February  23rd 2012    Tim Candler

        When Maynard Keynes saw a helicopter, he might have considered flying it around and dropping pound notes from it, then call it Demand Side Economics.  Milton Friedman, might have seen the same helicopter, and he might  have decided that dropping dollar bills from the helicopter would only serve to make people lazy and poorly disciplined and prone to sitting around staring at stuff, instead of contributing to what some have called wealth. And this view generally is called Supply Side Economics.

      Most of us only work for money because money defines us and has done so for so many generations that the idea of trying to exist without it produces an angst that essentially says, "That's impossible, and certainly not for me."  I could argue there are those from the Supply Side who will say without money YOU starve. And I could argue there are those from the Demand Side who will say without money WE starve.  Oddly the more adoring of god a person seems to be, the more likely he'll see the devil in Keynes.  Either way there is a chance of tornado this afternoon.

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