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Saturday  February  25th 2012    Tim Candler

        I may have rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed. The barrier of Latin, which remains the traditional language of academic qualification in some parts of the world, has been broken. The phrase Baccalaurei in Scientia Economica and the extraordinary date AD MCMLXXXII have both been translated into a more comprehensible  usage, and accepted.  These little things mean belonging.

      On the other side is the reality of an understanding that pursues product, defers preciousness to a set of accounts, bends soul to the will of the powerful, eagerly impresses upon mind the importance of riches to an individual's worth.  And oddly I have never been prouder of magna cum laude.  Of course Semper Fidelis is Latin too, so clearly I am still a long way from cured.

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