An English In Kentucky


















Thursday February 2nd 2012    Tim Candler

        Some of us are a little over excited today.  That sort of jelly fish in consciousness that prevents serious enterprise.  And most likely its cause is an anticipation, or a worry. And I realize that a mind when searching for the answer to this emotional disturbance might not always reply "Wiregrass Country."  But if it does, it might be a one that spends more time than is healthy thinking about the devil's minion that so dominates the day when mean temperatures exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

        I have been told there is more than Creeping Grass in "Wiregrass Country."  It's near enough to the sea, apparently. Might even be Palm Trees, or beaches, or swamps alive with wintering Water Fowl. Could even be Shrimp dinners and views of oil refineries.  Tankers and other ocean travelers. And always there's discussion about what to do next.  But I'm going down there for the  Creeping Grass, with special attention to how these pioneer folk maintain their garden edges.

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