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Sunday February 5th 2012    Tim Candler

        Some will insist language came at the summit of our evolutionary path, and we should think of it as our paramount weapon, or our beginning. And they'll tell you, our muscles could smile before they could talk.

    But I don't know how true this is, and more than likely I never will because I am on the downhill slope, and I find myself smiling when perhaps I shouldn't.  "Look there's a Wombat!"

     "It's not offensive at all, because we are used to seeing people in power doing nasty things"  "Aesthetic forms of appealing to protesters are more effective than political ones" "You're just like me, a man not a god, I'm just like you, a man not a sod."

    Elsewhere, because perhaps some of us are less able to concentrate,  there is  snappier repartee.  "Job Creators" "Right wing social engineering" "Entitlements" "Failed Economic Policy" "The Safety Net is not a Hammock" "Crackdown on Descent" "1%".

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