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Thursday February 9th 2012    Tim Candler


        I have two photographs of grasses.  Both of them have been called Wiregrass, but here where I am at the moment, gardeners call only one of these grasses Wiregrass.  The other is called Bahamian Grass, which dominates curbs around  the big churches that have the larger car parks, it's good wherever kiddies are apt to run around, and it's the grass which I have called Creeping Grass. The Wiregrass here, is one of those stubborn slow growers that lives amongst Pine, and has become an increasingly unusual sight because of its sensitive nature and shady habit.  All of which is a learning experience, and one of the better reasons to leave home occasionally.

     Interesting is the Armadillo. A pest to orderliness because of itís digging habits. I am told It rummages around perennial borders and has a special dislike for Hosta.  Even more interesting are the ant hills, which I was happy to think of as molehills. The Moles themselves, I have been assured are not present in these sandy soils, but I suspect that down here the population of moles have developed a lifestyle  that disguises their activity somewhere between Armadillo and Ant, and which has obviously rendered them invisible to the more causal observer.

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