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Tuesday January 10th 2012    Tim Candler

     I am beginning to believe the Close Mockingbird has realigned his allegiances  No longer is the Alatus his center of preoccupation. Those red berries too withered and dried up when put beside this years crop from Privet, which here is an ornamental, not hedging.  It blooms beautifully around the same time as Lilly of the Valley in other gardens I have worked for. Call it sometime in May, I think. 

    Yet in the morning the Close Mockingbird still likes to start his day with a chirp or two from the Alatus. From there he'll watch the sun rise, a moment of peace, I guess. His equivalent to coffee or a cigarette. Then it's off on his rounds, which this winter reach considerably further than I thought possible.  Around nine o'clock, he's right over there where the lane turns.  A minute later he's dusting Cardinals off Privet behind the kitchen.

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