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Wednesday January 11th 2012    Tim Candler

     Agitation, foul temper and pacing around dominate when technical devices fail to react in a civilized, or expected manner. 

    Here where we are, deep in the rural, research has suggested our thought patterns belong to slow thinking and calm. A frame of mind, made possible by seasons and things that grow or hop around chewing on Turnips. This argument suggests city life requires such a constant reaction to stimuli that there is no longer mental space available for a brain to get its chance to potter around in the mental equivalent of a winter vegetable garden. Instead it twitches in the Now, finds exercise in competition and goes to bed exhausted. 

    I can tell you this, those mind reading machines and their attendant white coats have absolutely no idea what it's like out here.  The burdens placed upon those of us more isolated may indeed seem trivial when compared to being shoved onto an underground train. The assumption that we smile out at the world while serene from the safety of bushes is just so much codswallop.  I can only assume that sample of rural minds called into the laboratory were either victims of lobotomy or intoxication.

     The wireless internet, too is suspect.  It needs its password remembered and out here pencils can be hard to find.

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