An English In Kentucky


















Friday January 13th 2012    Tim Candler

     During the Triassic Period, where I am now would have been considerably closer to where I was born, and no days of the week.  There probably was no ice at either the north or south poles, and here in Kentucky it was most likely dry with occasional rain and clear nights.  We'd have to wait a couple more million years before we saw swamps and tropical down pours. And a few more million years for an ice age. 

    Back then of course we'd have had Gingkoes.  As well there would have been conifers and trees that look like palm trees and there might even have been seed bearing ferns.  As mammals we would have been few, or world dominated by reptiles. But there is no reason to assume we'd have known frost or snow. Most wonderful would have been the sight of the very first creatures with backbones that could fly.

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