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Sunday January 15th 2012    Tim Candler

     I think Tribbles were my favorite creature from the minds that wrote Star Trek.  They were soft and furry, they purred, they disliked Klingons and very sad when so many of them died from eating poisoned grains.  In those days the television was black and white, the screen almost round, and rather than having a reset button to remind it of purpose, a recognized procedure was to give the television set a bit of a thump. Sounds a little primitive I know, but thumbing the television was an assigned task, not everyone had the touch. 

    Back then too, the placebo effect was becoming lore in the medical profession.  Sometimes people just got better for no apparent reason, which I guess was an idea reckoned dangerous to commerce and consequently given to the ethics department so it might be declared wrong. Which I guess is why when someone's sick we no longer dance to make them well again. And worth remembering the Trulanic Synod of 692 which prohibited Christians from being treated by Jewish doctors.

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