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Monday January 16th 2012    Tim Candler

     It smelled like damp springtime outside, and a Turkey agreed. But we are both delusional. He with his mind on girl Turkey and me with my mind on Running Beans.

    Not a big fan of Running Beans. They are demanding and secretive and spend much of their time wandering around looking for things to cling to.  The result is a series of Rabbit hutches in the garden that look like teepees. Which is ornamental for Rabbit I suppose, until the wind blows, or there is something like a tornado.  And too, I am suspicious of pyramidal shapes, because I was once told they can sharpen razor blades, or perhaps improve memory, or maybe reduce gestation times.  Either way, here where I live, Super Rabbit we already have. 

    The Artist, for reasons I am sure she has explained, has waxed upon a variety of Running Bean, which is of Italian origin, fashionable amongst the dainty, and has myriad links within the internet which I have made the mistake of visiting.  This Running Bean, if given a chance and purchased by the kilogram, would apparently feed cities, it is almost completely immune to drought, requires no special care, is bountiful if picked regularly, string-less if picked young, and Bean Beetle are terrified of it. It has a green pod and black seeds and what is called 'excellent flavor.'

     But I am sure, before this pest finds its way into the Kingdom, there will be critical thinking and at least some attempt at that dourness so necessary for an emotionally successful  gardening season.

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