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Friday  January 20th 2012    Tim Candler

     Recently I adjusted my attitude so so as to enter the encyclopedia with an eye to better understanding the word 'redemption.'  It was a studious moment, I had pencil, pencil sharpener and paper with no lines on.

    Why? because the word 'redemption' is so much bandied around by this or that presidential candidate, and apparently because of it, I can pretty much do anything I want so long as 'redemption' is in my future. 

     On the earliest view, 'redemption' was deliverance by payment. Which I suspect is what law enforcement  might call kidnapping. And quite understandable that god should sometimes employ such a useful tactic to rein in the flock. 

     But on I struggled, through the more recent anthropomorphic arguments where god is a summary of all that is good in us people.  And here the word 'redemption' suddenly disappeared as I heard the ancients whisper "the greatest god resembles man in neither form or mind."

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