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Tuesday January 24th 2012    Tim Candler

     I have been subject to many managerial strategies designed to motivate, and some of them I have succumbed to.  In times of economic stress fear is of course key. In times of plenty promising more for less is required in order to keep the employee from straying. Then there is the bridging strategy for engendering enthusiasm by promoting shared goals and team work with things like bonus questions, pats on the back from cheerful managers and door prizes.   

       I guess it was a consequence of this bridging strategy that once found me heading home after work with a giant blue Smurf.  I walked with it under my arm for two and a half miles, through streets not known for grasping performance art. There was a great deal of giggling and lewdness from school children who themselves were on their way home.  I still get the shivers thinking about it.

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