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Thursday January 26th 2012    Tim Candler

     Seasonal angst, or poor memory, puts the January bloom of a Daffodil into the category of  "what's wrong!" Then there is that red or purple haze in woodland that I might have thought was the end of February.  Even more worrisome are Frog eyes peering from what some brave souls call a water feature, others call a pond. But most telling, are voluntary visits from the gas delivery tanker. Or maybe we're all just wearing more layers and claiming the colder the healthier, and this includes Daffodil. 

       One thing's for certain, Asparagus, down there in their crowns, will be reading the sign.  And they've not been there long, so I suspect they believe the boast of the mail order catalogue, early, succulent and all the same gender, which might suggest to some their language will never include caution.  Peak bloom for Forsythia in 2010 was March 28th.  Last year it was March 22nd.  And it's fun to ramble, demonstrate an ability to at least pretend to keep records. However, where I live, ten years ago we were 6A and today we are 6B. Still some distance from the sub-tropical 9's, but getting there.

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