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Friday January 27th 2012    Tim Candler

     I am the proud owner of a new keyboard.  It is black, every key has letters, or numbers, or a sign of some sort. When tapped, the keys have an old fashioned noise that I used to like, and I am certain that one day I might like again. As well, when the desk light is switched on, the new keyboard becomes very shiny, which means that unless I hold my head at the correct angle I am blinded.  And I am sure I'll get the hang of the delete button's new location, because it is a button I use a great deal. 

       These are I guess distractions from what I had hoped to achieve this morning. And on reflection it is entirely possible that  trying to remember whether it was a hen that jumped over a lazy brown fox, makes for a more interesting diversion than that discourse upon 'geographic tongue', spicy food and taste bud testing techniques that I had planned.  The old keyboard will of course remain a Ladybird sanctuary and when the weather improves I'll take it outside.

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