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Monday January 9th 2012    Tim Candler

     Girl and boy Mockingbird's look alike.  And yesterday, outside with fresh air and something called sunshine, I had what I believed to be revelation.  Girl Mockingbirds are more thinking in their actions and movements, boy Mockingbirds less so. 

    But such inklings are never to be trusted. An inkling should first be confined in a closed space and then threatened with sticks. An understanding I believe girl Mockingbirds have a better grasp of than boy Mockingbirds. 

    In a world of sameness visual clues to identity are based upon observation of movement and attitude as expressed by movement. The one face that smiles, the vehicle without its muffler, all of them inklings. 

     However, when giving qualities to Mockingbird movements it is insufficient to define an inkling as a vague understanding, better to think of an inkling as a conviction that suddenly disappears.

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