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Thursday July 12th 2012    Tim Candler

    A triathlon in the Vegetable Garden included Squash Bug Hunting, Mole Epithet  and Pepper Bed Weeding.  And how much more fed up can  a person become at the prospect of another Olympic Games.  Here the question "why?"  has absolutely no answer. The moaning and groaning from ambitious imbeciles about how long and self important a journey it has been since potty training.

      There is a phrase for it that's best not repeated amongst equals.  But given the tensions and tribulation of trying to operate a television channel switcher without reaching for a shotgun, this phrase is well worth hinting at.  I could try the Ateso, but their word for star is probably far too beautiful. I could think back to Urdu, but their word for any intimate act brings down a fatwa from the Mufti much worse than the baptized could realistically hope for.

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