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Friday July 13th 2012    Tim Candler

    It's a Garden Shed Rain, and I can smell the wet wood, or tar shingles. I'm not sure which because this garden shed is in a place far away in a year when rain was plentiful.  It's the sort of rain that comes slowly from clouds, puddles then sinks into earth where soil is often suspicious, and a Gardener can just sit there watching it all as a Web Spider does. Sometimes for days on end, until his clothes are damp, and the goo in his pocket is his last cigarette and his rent still unpaid. 

    To put half an inch of rain onto an acre of ground through a hose pipe, a person would need around thirteen and a half thousand gallons of water. An inch of rain on an acre of land gives about twenty seven thousand gallons of water.  Then in an average year a person here where I live, can hope for around one and a quarter million gallons of rain to an acre. Which is I think, about two Olympic size swimming  pools without the chlorine.  So I guess there are Job Creators with an eye on those kind of  numbers.

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