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Tuesday July 17th 2012    Tim Candler

   In the matter of human resources, employing people is a real pain in the neck.  Ask any one who has done so.  And this is because we are more like Cats than we are like Antelope.  This means that for those with access to wealth, it would be so much simpler to increase the value of that wealth by never actually entering a relationship with anyone.  The origin I guess of the financial product, or gambling, or gated communities, or other such schemes.

     In the new world, as in all the worlds previously, the principal of fear applies.  A principal which fetishists have blessed as competition, and like to think of as divine because there can never be enough.  Yet rich or poor, people who have a security of  health, housing, food and funeral services, do have a freedom that grants them the opportunity to say no, then follow their own path.  A path, the controlling,  often refer to as undeserving in the poor.

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