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Saturday July 21st 2012    Tim Candler

     I have this love hate relationship with John the Apostle. It's that sentence, "In the Beginning was the Word."  Which is one of the most beautiful ideas I ever heard, and I love him for it.  Then he goes on to say: "..And the word was with God."  Which is neat enough.  Then he completely pisses me off me when he adds:  ".. And the word was God."   Which might have been what Socrates reckoned when he chose to accept his sentence rather than enter exile.  And of course there have been millions of words written on what John meant by "The Word."

     So much easier for me, if he just said, "Who knows about the beginning, and who knows what words are, but by George, I'm going to use them to tell you what I think."  That way I could listen to what he had to say without a sense of being told what I should think.  Which I guess is why I'm so impatient with homeschoolers and monks and bloody billionaires and the list goes on.  And of course the other problem is that John the Apostle died in the year 100, or there about.

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