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Sunday July 22nd 2012    Tim Candler

    These photographs of Hummingbirds are taken by The Artist.  The bloom belongs to a Buddleia, which is considered a foreign and invasive species by the purists here in Kentucky.  And because she is currently stalking Chipmunk, all photographs of Chipmunk, that might occasionally occur, are also taken by The Artist.  Indeed any photograph that has movement, interest, good composition and which displays obvious signs of having waited around for the perfect moment, are all taken by The Artist.

     And there is outside a most perfect Sunflower.  A very fine face and excellent petals.  The Sunflower with the big head is native to the Americas.  Some reckon it was first farmed somewhere in Mexico, around two thousand five hundred years ago. I should go outside and try to capture it with digital recording device, before Goldfinch pillage it.   It's an odd thing, but Goldfinch always seem to find the Sunflower first.  They get all excited, gather their clan, and before you know those goofy Cardinals have joined them for the feast.

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