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Monday July 23rd 2012    Tim Candler

    Many years ago it was called Spirit then it was called Soul and  it has been called Phenomenology.  In most cathedrals it still is most pompously defined this way: "The study of all possible appearances in human experience, during which considerations of objective reality and of purely subjective responses are left out of account."  Or perhaps easier to call it "The Structures of Consciousness." Then increasingly the sciences and mathematics, began to suggest more useful explorations of mind through an examination of structures in the brain.  My favorite, the Hypothalamus which rhymes with Hippopotamus.  Less favorite is the Cerebral Cortex, which is where meaning is made.

     And I too have watched the detective programs on the television, and I too know how DNA will tell no falsehoods when put beside the testimony of a person's memory, which is frail and never to be trusted, and quickly thrown out of court by an agile cross examination.  Or what Heidegger decided was "being-in-the-world."   A place where the meaning of an object, moves around in a manner that is occasionally without any apparent direction or usefulness whatsoever.  Sometimes, I hope, it's worth wondering what it is I do here, and why.  Because that's what Saints expect from structures.

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