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Wednesday July 25th 2012    Tim Candler

    Of the "Appearances in Human Experience," the thing that is me, can easily be dismissed as a sort of paranoid delusion by a scalpel, and probably also by another kind of ability to learn.  I do not believe the machine in front of me, that can calculate at the speed of light, divide two by three until the sixes it can shovel out reach to the outer limits of my comprehension, is what they call 'sentient'.  However, I do know that the machine in front of me responds to stimulus, and that regularly misunderstanding can arise between us.  I become passionate, it remains stubborn.

     The question, "Am I more like the machine in front of me than I would like to think?"  Always puts me into a quandary. On the one hand there are parts of my brain that can be touched in the way that a key board can be touched.  And when they are, I respond as a machine might.  On the other hand I live with myself, and I am usually disobedient, or too hot, or wondering what to eat.  Then to the question, "Am I more like a Blue Green Algae than the machine in front of me?"  My answer appears to be "Yes."

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