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Monday July 2nd 2012    Tim Candler

      Not being sympathetic to creationists of either stripe (god or physics) I'd argue the value of X is determined in an arbitrary manner.  And this primarily is why the word 'power' enters the vocabulary of those who have tried to define our species in ways that are less and less doting, and more and more clinical.  The temptation is to say, that the value of X is determined by power.  But much better to think of power as the value of X.   Which is, I guess, the materialist point of view.  Or Hegel turned upside down, as the comrades would have it.

      And it's all very depressing, as it should be, unless you can think of a zigzag, or movement, that's heading toward inevitable solution.  Otherwise a mind is left with a sense of randomness, which is another way of saying hopelessness, or meaninglessness.  Which is why, of all things, something like ice cream could suddenly be considered amongst the most profound.  Because fortunately, or unfortunately, there is 'idea' that can add a value to randomness.


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