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Tuesday July 3rd 2012    Tim Candler

      Higgs Boson has its opportunity to again field the attention of know it alls, and that always includes me.  The elemental particle that permits mass, and which has such a nice name.  The field in which the Higgs Boson operates strikes me as an understanding of consciousness.  The trouble is it requires a person to consider the possibility of a universality.  And this causes something of an emotional impasse, deep down there were our species has it's understanding of self, or the mass that is I.

      But wouldn't it be fun "To Cruise The Milky Way."  Hold the universe in the palm of a hand, exist beyond the particle itself, and never have to hunt down Squash Bug, or battle hose pipes or watch Delphinium die.  Yet I, as much as god, would of course miss the shovel, and happy hours in the cooler weather, spent turning soil while intoning,  "Gather ye compost while ye may, summer is soon a-coming, and this good soil that's tilth today, tomorrow will be stubborn as bloody rock."


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