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Thursday July 5th 2012    Tim Candler

      In the beginning, there was a moment of pure energy.  The question, "how did that energy become atoms or planets or washing machines."  Higgs reckoned on a field through which pure energy moved, and as it did so, some parts of energy slowed down, gathered impurities, and thereby achieved a conclusion.  Or perhaps a copyright.

      Physicists would look at me and sigh.  "That's sort of right, except for the washing machines, and we don't think of mass as an impurity," they'd say.  "It's more complicated than that," they'd say.  "Matter is not a conclusion or a copyright. Perhaps if you bought my book."  And because I am also a smart ass and also very pleased with myself, I'd answer, "The benefit of succinctness, has been called Occam's Razor."

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