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Friday July 6th 2012    Tim Candler

      That Mockingbird who is still without tail feathers, has two children.   Last year she had her second nest in an Apple that is kept neatly trimmed, so as not to cast morning shadows across pampered Vegetables.  This year, her second nest is in a Privet that my very own Artist also keeps neatly trimmed, so that springtime exuberance does not to distract delicate Asparagus.

      My own joy from this second brood of little Mockingbirds, stems from a suspicion I had some weeks ago when I saw their mother's consort, singing and dancing on the electric pole.  A behavior I connect to "Look at me! I am fantastic!"  There hasn't been much of that sort of a display in some years, and for a while I wondered if an absence of tail feathers had led to a wandering eye.

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