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Saturday July 6th 2012    Tim Candler

      Any one of David's psalms takes on the reverie of a mind turned tumultuous by high temperature, high humidity and an even higher birthrate amongst Tics. It was almost a welcome sight to see a Horsefly on the passenger seat.  But even though all windows were open, and good cross draft, he was just sitting there, plotting against me. And because I am one of those drivers who prefers to travel well below the speed limit, and failed that part of the citizenship test that requires eating and drinking while in charge of a steering wheel, I pulled off the road so that I might follow the ordinance of the Lord to smite mine enemy.

      I will say after eleven hours in high heat, eye hand coordination deteriorates to the level of complete incompetence.  I guess, with us mammals, the brain gets hot, it's synapses lounge about in bubbling fluids, a sort of mental hot tub.  Not so in the world of insects.  Heat gives them an astuteness and agility that if it were harnessed could certainly do the work I am paid to do.  I can see them now, manning the line. An occasional visit to the break room where mammals would be tethered, flesh exposed so it might be tickled or bitten.  Either way, I escaped with just a minor strain to wrist and shoulder, and I imagine he with his knife-like mandible, is feeling pretty pleased with himself.

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