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Monday June 11th 2012    Tim Candler

       With only ten days to go, I do know that a Human sacrifice is certainly out of the question.  Not only would there be possible legal consequences for a killing that current law would consider random, isolated and unsanctioned, but also there would be the difficult question of who to turn into a corpse.  Most of all, as the officiating priest, I would have to own a tremendous faith in the truthfulness of a procedure that ends with the death of a fellow Human Being.  Or in another way, I'd have to own a belief in the effectiveness of such a procedure to produce what I will call a 'beneficial result.' Nor am I so deluded as to define 'beneficial result' or 'truthfulness' as anything much beyond the 'service of me.'  And here I'll define 'me' as I'd define 'you.'  A loose leafed collection of disparate emotions that wish.

      And a person has to wonder how often reasons were pulled from the ether by other and more successful priests, whose own 'beneficial result' failed to materialize.  I too have been there, but am inclined to blush when I waffle.  All the same, I'd like to think a time comes when due to events far beyond the writ of a mortal being, I would take off my high hat, throw it into the air, mingle with the crowd and say, "You guys are right. This just isn't working."  But more likely, from looking around, the respectable refrain is always something more like, "You can have my hat when you pry it off my cold dead head."  Either way I am tempted to incorporate some sort of headdress into this years observance of June Twenty First.  Something with ear flaps, that justifies ice cream and excess.


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