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Tuesday June 12th 2012    Tim Candler

   For those of us beyond band-aids and who are now using duct tape, great stressfulness is always elevated when reading work by the Great Minds.  This is especially the case when the subject matter contains 'logy' or 'ic' or 'phy' at the end of its title.  And you'd think an understanding could be summarized with a few words that would meet the criteria of an accurate representation, without dragging on through the minutiae after the fashion of a snail that had to prove it began its journey somewhere in Mesopotamia when the written word was first devised and was therefore obliged to be obscure to the point of vague.  And I too know what it is like to be called this snail, but at least with me the rule is I make no pretense to actually know what I am talking about, which proudly makes me a hobbyist.

    But it is odd how the professionals consider themselves to be suddenly beyond entry level.  I suppose it's an ordination of some sort.  And I have felt it in my work as a part-time mail order retail employee as I watch the blank stare of a new member, or associate, as we are so cruelly called.. Once the novice has been passed through the gate his obedience is maintained by the paranoia or discipline of peer pressure rather than anything remotely connected with the gorgeous adventure that might be a mind.  Which is why I am going to remove 'logy, 'ics' and 'phy' from the lexicon and I'm going to replace them with something like prison bars, or those bits of tape the cops use to mark off crime scenes. So call me a primate or a morpheme, if you have to, but remember I am tempted by the night shift, which I have heard is more character driven, because it does away with daylight altogether..


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