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Monday June 25th 2012    Tim Candler

      One of the more problematic moments in the short life of a Gardener is his decision to put on airs and graces around Running Beans. I am one of those who has sneered mightily at the fuss made of them. I have seen the Bamboo canes, the rocks on strings, the oozing of emotion during description of flavor, and the padding about with tying technique.

      The Bush Bean, I have argued, is good for over all physical and moral health.  I have insisted that slowly moving, bent double down a line of Bush Bean at high noon in June is character building, and I have seen it as that opportunity to bond with the agony of being a legume so prone to Leaf  Pox and Beetle. As well I have compared Running Beans to dishwashing machines, the sport utility vehicle, diet soda with French fries and George C, Ballas, Sr., the inventor of yet one more stain on the reputation of humanity, the weed eater.


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