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Tuesday June 26th 2012    Tim Candler

      Even when he catches a glimpse of  his favorite, a Gardener should never cultivate optimism.  He should develop an allergy to cheerfulness of all kinds. The sunny disposition is for him a purview that should only ever be observed through the binoculars, and perhaps only once a year.  His lot is that of Patient Saint, without emotion of any kind.  And when the season is full, just crucify me in the Vegetable Garden as an example to those of my comrades who may still have tail feathers enough to swank about as Peacocks do.

      And I have found that sometimes maintaining the status of dour, droops the back, brings on an arthritic or Republican understanding of the physical side of being.  That little twinge could well be terminal, and that bite mark belongs to something with four legs and short ears that breached the ramparts.  But better to see in it an opportunity to stare at that part of literature financed by Monsanto or some other corporate entity that profits from crop failure but can do nothing for drought.  Yes indeed, there are plagues out there I have never even heard of, and all of them heading our way..  


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