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Saturday June 2nd 2012    Tim Candler

     The nature of gainful employment is found in defining it as a form of idleness.  Naturally there will be the ambitious who are also gainfully employed, but these I would call exuberant outliers, because most of us do what is asked, try not to get depressed and then we go home.  And here 'idleness' has nothing to do with hard work, rather it has to do with permitting a mental process to become turgid and smug, which is another way of saying anesthetized.  Defining this mental process by simply giving it the title 'gainful employment' is thoroughly dissatisfying. 

    And I guess it's an area that requires adopting those strategies from management schools that put numbers upon our backs and then take notes or make observations, which are collated, sent through formulas that produce even more reasons why people when left unsupervised are terribly inefficient, unless they are hungry, or cold, or without a home, or don't have running water, cable television, an X-Box, a cell phone, or an electric train set.  No clue what an X-Box is, but I fondled the long tracks, pictured the engine shunting around in the room where I sleep and I almost volunteered for the sin of overtime.


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