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Saturday June 30th 2012    Tim Candler

      The word "Values" irritates the hell out of me, and I think it has done for as far back as I can go.  It always comes with a smugness, and is usually accompanied by a door to door saintliness, which those of us who remain puerile, long to see crucified slowly and without benefit of vinegar. No doubt in my mind, this attitude is completely unreasonable, and even more so now that I have placed 'value' into a working definition of 'idea'. 

      I'd like to think my objection is rooted in an idea of 'values' as belonging to an annunciation of how things should be, which derives from a sense of divine order, of knowing ones place, or belonging to supply side economic theory and other such failures of imagination.  A sort of Dantesque vision of heaven, purgatory and hell,  all of which are nightmare.  And I have had a dislike of the name Dante ever since struggling through "The Comedy," as those without humor refer to it.  The phrase, "mother nature" and the word "pun" create similar morass in me.


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