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Friday June 8th 2012    Tim Candler

      I would like to think that if God asked me to take my son up into the hills and cut his throat, I'd follow the advice of a president's wife and just say no.  Which is yet one more reason why I'd not make a good leader, or commander in chief, or corporate executive, or occupy any sort of position on the dais where great men and women like to preen.  But, back when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac as an exchange for many wives, good land, abundance and thousands more children, it wasn't called bribery.  It was called something like "Fear of the Lord."

      Abraham didn't look at God and say, "Bite Me."  Not at all.  He gathered his servants, walked for three days into the land of Moriah. Where, at the foot of  what in those days was called a 'mount,' Abraham made camp, and while the servants were busy making the beds or polishing the silver or rendering mutton fat, Abraham took Isaac for a walk into the hills.  And, whenever Isaac asked  a perfectly sensible question, like, "Why are you tying me up?"  Abraham lied to him.  But, in the end, it turned out OK for Isaac, because he too became terrified of the Lord, and he lived to be one hundred and eighty.


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