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Saturday June 9th 2012    Tim Candler

      My own favorite is Lot's wife.  Some have argued she didn't want to leave the sin palaces of Sodom and Gomorrah, and why on earth should she. They had the hair stylists, the good shoe makers, the late night wallowing,  and a person could buy stuff that had probably been made in China or at least in Iran.  But, due to his preoccupation with the various theories of  "End Times," her husband had some kind of a premonition.  

    There are those who suggest he was an early predictor of earthquakes, or perhaps lightning storms.  Others put the onus of Lot's decision to leave town as having something to do with Lot's offering his daughters as bribes to those of his  neighbors who had managed to convince themselves he was harboring enemy agents.  Neither is a view I share, because as the family walked away from their home of twenty odd years, God through his angels,  told them not to look back, otherwise they risked being turned into pillars of either rock or salt.

      I can say what I want about Lot.  I can call Lot a pompous ass for thinking his seed so valuable it drove him to incest.  Even worse I can call him a Canaanite, as those who wrote Leviticus might have suspected.  But, I have to remember that when Lot was in Egypt, he could have made a great deal of money by telling Pharaoh that Sarah was Abraham's wife.  Which some have argued was only right because a hundred or so years previously Abraham had rescued Lot from the wretched Babylonians.  A loyalty you don't often see up there, on what I really must stop calling "The Dais."

    And I say Lot's wife is my favorite because I have actually seen her.  I didn't taste her to find out if she was salt, or an igneous rock, but she's still there, looking splendid on Mount Sodom, and it's a scramble to get to her, which on a hot day required an energy better given to the hourly rate for labor.  Nor did I think she looked sad or unhappy, or regretful in anyway.  I got the sense her mind had been made up long, long before becoming a Mrs. Lot, long before the birth of her children or the incident with God's plan to make an example of those who do not care for him.


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